I believe that having a deep holistic and integrated understanding of your health condition, cultural roots, current circumstances, and history, will help you to find the right choice of treatment. I allow my clients‘ style, emotional needs and personal interests to set the path and lead the exploration. This is the way it should be. Together we can facilitate the construction of healthier, more accurate and compassionate narratives of yourself and others. I use insight-oriented practices such as contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy and experiential therapeutic approaches, as well as evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also incorporate art interventions and mindfulness into the work with my clients.  Please join this journey of self-discovery!

By disentangling information about you such as your emotional caverns, thinking process, relational patterns or decision-making style and exploring past events and relationships in your life, you will better equipped to resolve what is making you feel down and achieve your highest potential. Facing your deepest vulnerabilities will allow you to discover and manage barriers that prevent you from growing and will allow you to implement real change in your life and to cultivate wellness from a stance of authenticity and self-validation.


María De Toro, Clinical Psychotherapist.